KLIA East@Labu – Part 1

Some facts about the proposed KLIA East@Labu

Travelling to the new airport:

– By Road

1. About 10 min drive from KLIA

2. About 50-60km (40-1 hour) from KL

3. About 3 min from Bandar Enstek 🙂

4. About 3 min from Kota Seriemas

5. About 5-10 min from Bandar Baru Nilai

6. About 10 min from Seremban

7. About 15 min from Port Dickson

8. About 15-20min from Bagan Lalang (Gold Coast)

9. About 15-30min from Putrajaya

10. About 30 min from Shah Alam

– By Rail

1. Proposed ERL extension to the new airport. (7km from KLIA. Based on various Masterplans, among the routes are KLIA East – Bandar Enstek (Education City) – Bandar Enstek (Central Business) – F1 Circuit – KLIA – Salak Tinggi – Putrajaya – Bandar Tasik Selatan – KL Central)

2.Proposed KTM Komuter Line. (From Nilai Station to KLIA East. Distance about 3km)

3. Highway extension fromPLUS North South Highway. (An interchange may be built between Nilai and Seremban exit link directly to KLIA East. Distance about 7km from the interchange)

Active Surrounding Developments:

1. Bandar Enstek

– Charming and modern housing estates.

– Hi-tech industrial parks.

– Various academic institions including 2 universities, 1 polytechnic, 2 private and government boarding school, training institutes and R&D Centres.

– A Medical City.

– Business Centre.

2. Kota Seriemas

– Charming and modern housing estates.

– Training Institutions.

– Business Centre.

3. Bandar Baru Nilai

– Modern Housing Estates.

– Business Centre.

– Various academic institutions including 2 private university college, 1 university, 1 medical centre.

– Hi-tech industrial parks.

Definitely this area will be the next Subang Jaya in 10 years…


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