Am I a Racist?

My personal statements to those claimed that a Malay is a racist..

1. Ng Kok Lam – My long time and a nearly forgotten friend…i’m a Malay and he is a Chinese..We rented a house in Taiping, stayed together (we’re not gay, huh!) Eat ‘nasi ayam’ together..played computer games vcds together…went to work together..Sharing family problems together..As a technology freak, I tought him about computers and software and encouraged him to further his study in IT as a way to extend his career.. He followed the advice and already graduated from UNITAR with an IT Degree..Now..he’s a somebody… Am I a racist?

2. When I was 25 years old..I worked in an IT Department as an IT Executive in a company dominated by Chinese..single-handedly without any budget given by the management (because they refused to but requested me to implement it) and just using the existing assets, I installed LAN cables and RJ45 by myself, I managed to create a LAN by using an old Pentium 233Mhz and Red Hat Linux 5.0 to accommodate for about 30 users..the system able to handle files and emails for all the managers and executives by using sendmail protocol thru a Dial-Up connection (56kps) which will fetched emails at every 15 minutes interval scheduled by cron..Worked there for nearly 4 years.. Hardly got promotion and my salary is lesser than an Account Clerk who only has a SPM..Am I a racist?

3. Should I call a sales promoter, Angie as Miss Angie or a property agent,Lee as Madam Lee or a Lorry driver, Lim as Mr Lim while they just called me Rosdi and not Mr. Rosdi? My qualification is higher and our age is about the same..Is it because I am Malay, little darker, soft spoken and using thumb finger to show directions and because of that I need to bow and blindly show respect to other races? Am I become a racist by saying that??

4. Malays..when we’re born, we will be thought of ‘adab’, learn to be ‘down to earth’ and learn to share..I got my educations in hard ways too..I learned from other races about their cultures, about work and hardships..But don’t tell me that I’m a racist if I’m talking about my own race, about our own future and about our ‘ketuanan’..Just mind your own business..I wish not to know yours…


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