I HATE doing outstation jobs…!

Someone talked to me, ” waa bestlah odee..slalu pegi outstation..dapat jalan-jalan, boley dapat income lebih..” I talked to myself..Stupid axs hxxe…Are you serious? Best ker outstation..err..anybody want to replace me??

If you want to apply for a job, pls make sure the job description will not include a requirement to do outstation jobs..it is so tiring…especially if you’re married and have kids…

let me tell you why I hate doing outstation jobs:

1. I love my kids..I missed them a lot when they’re not around…

2. I love my wife..I missed her a lot when she’s not around..

3. I don’t gain anything financially..In fact I am spending more…

4. When I’m doing outstation jobs, I am doing the same job..over and over again:

– Entrance Conference

– Checking Financial Documents

– Checking Legal Documents

– Doing analysis

– Interrogates people

– Exit Conference

5. I’ll not be at my own house AT LEAST one week in every month…A year will be at least 12 weeks per year or 3 month per year..translated means that I will not be around with my family for at least 3 month every year..

6. Am I gain extra income? shit no..I need to spend at least a quarter of my salary just for hotel expenses..not includes other expenses such as food and transportation…

7. Even if I’m taking my family along..my expenses will be double…

8. Sometimes my wife (who is also an auditor) will accompany me when I’m doing outstation..(of course she’s from other agency) and that will be great…but I’ll still missed my kids…

9. I missed my lecture classes, exams…

10. If I bring my kids along..my kids especially aiman will miss his smart reader classes and yamaha classes where we need to pay about RM250 to RM500 per month..

Outstation jobs is not a fun job to do..The job is only suitable to:

1. Those who are willing to sacrifice their normal life..

2. Those who are bachelors..

2. Those husbands or wives who love ‘lari dari tanggungjawab”…

3. Those intended to cheat while doing outstation jobs…

4. Those husbands who dare to leave their wife and kids alone for days..

So, who wants to replace me?


4 Responses to “I HATE doing outstation jobs…!”

  1. Lepas baca write up ni kan, I was contemplated myself… “urgh, rasa2 nya aku ada cakap mende2 macam ni ke kat Odee?” I mean knowing that he’s a travelling staff 2gether with Kak Lila. Tiba2 rasa serba salah la pulak :-s Anyways, I can imagine how it feels as I used to be a travelling staff before.. and my duty was considered worse – I had to be the company’s speaker in promoting their business! Like, you spend few hundred bucks for travelling+lodging+makan+belanja staff etcs (yg punyala bercinta nak dapat claim balik) and the next 3 hours on stage talking and talking then spend few days on the road travelling (tak masuk car’s wear and tear expenses!) Urghhh!! I hate the feeling. And right now, I have decided to settle down, just stay at the office and have to let go my allowances.. I do feel a bit contented w/pun tak berapa satisfy sbb gaji turun! (sigh!)

  2. no sis..it’s not about you..and thanks for sharing your situations..luckily it’s not happening these days since you’re expecting…take care…

  3. hi! i come across ur blog when i was researching for outstation jobs.. i am searching jobs that always demand a person to travel alot. can u briefly inform me what kind of jobs that always end up go for outstation, if u dun mind urs? coz im currently doing some researches for my writing purposes. =)

  4. hai aslina,

    sorry for my late reply..quite busy these days since i need to err..doing outstation jobs (again..) i think people working as a Sales and marketing need to do a lot of outstaion jobs.. so do people who involves in Audit and IT.. can u pls send ur email so i can help u further..

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