Shah, Elly, Lindot, Man and Sya..

hai hoo…

tq guys for coming to our house during last Thursday.. what a great day we had..

to syah and elly, it’s nice to meet both of you and gave me opportunity to know Shah better (he’s a good buddy..) We’ll never forget how both of you got bullied by Lindot…thanx for coming and thanx for the toy you bought for aiman and indra…last Saturday we played it at putrajaya…:).. to Man and Sya.., thanx for coming and we definitely will have a gossip session again soon…

All this while make me think how grateful i am to have such a wonderful friends like you all…

ps: sorry kalau ada kekurangan on that day…


3 Responses to “Shah, Elly, Lindot, Man and Sya..”

  1. Hey bro! I guess we still havent got the chance to thank you and Kak Lila for the hospitality and wonderful evening that we had last week… It was one of the best outings that I had since I got pregnant!! (well, I don’t go out much since I became mak buyong, ok!hee hee). The laksa sarawak was sooo delicious and the kids were GREAT!!! I am so grateful to be blessed with such bright anak buahs and even until now, Shah still cannot get over them; he still talks about how both of them had amused him! Moga2 aunty ally akan dikurniai baby yang comel, cerdik dan bijak mcm both of you! Send our deepest love to Kak Lila (take care dear), Aiman n’ Indra (the Wonderboy!)
    Hope to see u guys soon…. and Bro, thanks a bunch for ur help with our car tyre… what would we do without you… 🙂

    Hope aunty Inda’s well… We are so sorry sebab tak dapat hantar dia malam tu. Hope she reached home safe n sound….

  2. Hello all,

    First of all many thanks to Lila yg dah masak best2 & balik bawak bekal lagi…odee sebab dia ODEE..the ultramen…1 & 2 and sebelum yg dalam womb tu keluar , i’m the 3rd ultraman..hah..hah..

    ellY & shah.. betul kata odee tak kenal maka tak suka… i can see shah is for you and you are for shah.. keep the marriage as lomantik as u cud. and for your friends, they’re so dah lama kenal..heh..heh..

    i’m of to cm to buy frame for my abg sengkek (iwan kenobi) we’re going to meet up this thursday kat plaza hartamas during farewell luncheon for my buddy azwa yg akan ke Guangzhou this weekend…soon i’ll be his nearest neighbour…dlm list yg tengok tadi , departure date is June 2008..wohoooo….pray hard for me for the transfer to be delayed…kalo tak kena groom dalam sebulan gitu oleh my ex boyfriend…lebih rela dapat dia jadik my senior manager kat sini setahun dari jadik my mentor kat sana sebulan sebelum dia balik in August 2008. Take care!

  3. hello sisters..,

    sorry for my late reply..busy skit these days..tq for the compliments..alah, kalau i pegi umah u all pun akan buat perkara yang sama kan?

    to elly, pls send my warmest regard to shah..don’t worry, you definitely will have the cutest and smartest baby ever..we’ll pray…mama dia kan deans list..:) ultramen asyik tanye both of you and untie inda..pls take care..due dah dekat dah…don’t worry..sakit bersalin tu nikmat sbenarnya..

    inda, sorry tak reply ur sms that abis..huhu..lila told me about the incident in MITI (hari high kau tu..) hehehe..kelakarle..kita owang asyik gelak kat kau je malam tu…well inda today is still the same as inda i knew since itm days…keep the way u are..jangan silap naik krete owang lagi…

    guys..,i love u all and pls take care…

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