Me and iPod..Pod..Pod..

hai all..

I’m looking for a PDA and I’m also looking for a good mp3 player to replace my old Aiwa 1.5gb mp3 player..I don’t need an “all in one” device as I already have a Sony Ericsson Handphone to make and receive calls, a Sony Handycam to record videos and a Sony Cybershot to take pictures…(i’m am a Sony fan..huhu) I did researched, testing and surveyed all PDA and mp3 players at various shops in Low Yatt and websites..

As the result, finally, I purchased an iPod Touch…

Apple’s iPod Touch

iPod Touch is actually a fancy media player which have same functionalities as Apple’s iPhone except for phone, camera and bluetooth…But as a gadget with a Unix Operating System (Mac OS) underneath it, many don’t realize that it can be converted to be a PDA… I jailbroke (hacked) my iPod by myself after following instructions at various websites and installed many productivity, utilities and game applications…

Screenshots of the iPod after converted to PDA…

Now.., all my notes, schedules, contacts and other essentials are stored in my iPod Touch which already function as a PDA..I stored all my kids’ pictures, all my favorite mp3s and my favorite videos in the iPod Touch to accompany me whenever I’m working outside of the office..I read e-books whenever I’m free… I checked the weather, receive and send emails using the iPod.. I’m able to surf the Internet by using the wifi connection instead of using a notebook…

Damn… Now I’m hooked and can’t imagine how it is to be and to live without the iPod Touch!!!!


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