Hehehe..Latest Addition for 2008!!

hehe..man..i’m going to be a father of Three or ‘3’ or ‘San’ or ‘Telu’ or ‘Thalasa’ or err. Tiga…hehehe

hehehe..my wife got pregnant a month ago… and new baby will be expected on August 2008..hopefully the baby will be a ‘she’..because I need to add a ‘Wonder Woman’ to my family..to balance with 2 of my ‘Superman’ and ‘Superboy’ aka the ultramen as called by my sis, Lindot…hehe..

hehe..can’t stop smilling for the past 4 days..hehe..sorry for my ‘kerang busuk’ thing..hehehe..too happy now…

hehehe..well elly and anoi…, you both will have a competitor during the upsr, pmr and spm later..hehe!


2 Responses to “Hehehe..Latest Addition for 2008!!”

  1. Oh my Gosh! I am so so happy with the news! Way 2 go, bro!!
    I couldn’nt stop smiling to think about our family’s expansion. Pray to God, that the babies will be fine, sihat dan sempurna sifat!
    Congratulations my dear bro and akak! p.s: any sign of morning sickness??

  2. thank you sis…insyaalah, everything will be okay..this time, kak lila don’t get much of morning sickness symptoms..but still got pening2 lalat things especially during evening and night..i’m taking 100% care on what she eats and her emotions.. btw, congrat to you too and can’t wait to see your baby soon.. take care..

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