Luxury Cars Arrogance Syndrome

 if you use the PLUS highway, how much should you pay for the toll? From KLIA to Taiping, I need to pay about  RM38.70.. for  a class 1 vehicle..I asked a rich guy…”if your salary about RM10,000 a month, how much should you pay for the toll?” He answered, “..come on…,i ‘ll pay the same rate as you la…!!”

oh! Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot that you’re the same as me..a normal citizen who need to be treated equally as required by a democracy system..

“But wait..” the rich guy said to me with a ‘gangster’ type of expression..”what car are you driving?”   I said humbly, “I drive a Waja” ..Then he said, ” well, don’t ever try to overtake or drive faster than me because I’m driving a 318i BMW..” heh heh..if  you think you are rich guy why you bought a ‘318′? Why don’t you buy a GTI Golf or a Ferarri? Oh I see.., my car is cheaper and has lower cc spec than yours…sorry sir I forgot..

i have my own experienced relating these ‘Luxury Cars Arrogance Syndrome’ guys.. I drove thru the PLUS highway to Taiping at 10.30pm and there’s a car, a luxury car drove using the right lane at speed of 90 km/h…when I gave lamp signal to him, he just ignored..i overtook him using the left lane at the speed of 130km/h..Suddenly he sped towards me, chasing me and gave lamp signals to force me turn to the left lane..F**k you a*shole..i know you drove a Compressor Merc but I paid the same toll rate as you..

For these kind of aliens, other road users (cheaper or smaller cars) should obey to rules, don’t overtake our cars because you don’t afford to fork RM200,000 above to buy’re only eligible for left lanes but not the right lanes..if you want to overtake us, please think twice because our car is so expensive that we just need 0.01 second to overtake you..

Sorry sir, I’m not intending to humiliate you, I’m  paying the toll using my ‘hard days work’ salary..let me thru..i just need to reach my ‘kampung’ as soon as I could.. ‘opah’ and ‘tok wan’ are eagerly waiting to meet their grandsons…


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