Good Son..Gain Respect..

Today, when i did my daily searching using google, I came across this web page  which i felt quite interesting…

How To Be A Good Son

This page is all about how to be a good son. Your parents will love you more and be proud of you if you follow these ways. And your life will be much happier thanks to these changes.


  1. Don’t use bad language and/or talk back to your mom and dad because you may hurt them through the bad words without thinking.
  2. Try your best in school. Listen to everything your teacher said, make notes, and even make little practice tests for you to practice your skills.
  3. Be honest to your parents. Don’t lie to them, and don’t do any sneaky stuff, because they know what you’re doing anyway, there’s no way around it. Help them to build a wall of trust for you, but when you get it, don’t let it fall down again!
  4. Be independent and take good care of yourself. Be mature instead and try not to have them worry about you all the time.
  5. Do as much housework as you can when you’re home. Don’t be a couch potato or a lazybone.
  6. Love, help and be kind to your brothers or sisters rather than hit them even though you really hate them because they’re always bothering you, making you lose your temper.
  7. Don’t be shy to show your love to your parents. Do it by saying some sweet words, sending gifts, kissing or other ways.Dont give attitude when they talk to you.


  • Don’t act angry all the time. If you yell a lot and are argumentative, that is nerve-racking.
  • You can share something interesting or some jokes with your parents when you have dinner.
  • You have to let your parents know you care about the family though you really want to go out with your friends.
  • Try not to be too much of a “kiss-up”.


  • If your dad or mom is a hot-tempered person, you must be careful.
  • If necessary, you’re allowed to tell a white lie to make the family harmonious.
  • Dont try too many white lies.
  • If your parents are wrong, don’t correct them immediately, saving face for them.


How to be Respectful of Your Family

We all know that families are there to love you and respect you, but indeed it is difficult at times to love them back and respect them just as they have done to you!


  1. Help your parents with whatever they need. Do chores around the house when asked, and if it’s a special day for a family member that day (Eg: birthday), do their part so that they know you care and respect them. If it bothers you that you are doing all of the work, try and talk it out or maybe write a list.
  2. Listen to your parents and follow their rules. The rules may sound strict and unfair, but your parents have probably made those rules to help you or for a good reason. If you feel like they are unfair, don’t shout at your parents as this will end badly. Talk to them maturely and consider their side of the story before you start screaming at them.
  3. Try not to argue with your family. Work your conflicts out with your siblings and count to ten with your parents if you know you are about to have a temper tantrum. This is the key to having respect and love flowing around the house.
  4. Be polite. Respect also means manners. Being at home doesn’t mean you can omit the ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. If your younger siblings don’t seem to remember this, try and remind them gently, so they too will see how important being polite is. Remember your manners at all times, especially if your parents have guests round.
  5. Don’t talk back. Respecting people doesn’t just mean being nice to them. Talking back is bad for all relationships, not just family. It also makes people think you are rude and don’t care about your family, which is not the impression you want to make.
  6. If you get punished, accept it and don’t make a fuss. You have obviously done something wrong, so you have to take the consequences. Be mature and just get on with it, for example if you are grounded, don’t break the rules of your grounding and it will be over and done with sooner than you think. Learn something from your punishments and don’t do whatever you did again.
  7. If you have friends come over, make sure they behave politely. Behaving politely is a good part of being respectful, and respecting your parents means making sure your friends do, too.
  8. Last but not the least, think of all the things you love about this unique family of yours. Everyone has their own unique traits, respect that! Remind yourselves that manners, love and respect is the key to every healthy relationship.


  • When something bothers you, talk it out. It helps to vent and work out your problems, not keep it in and not know when your anger will explode. You can also write it down in a diary or a blog when you can’t talk it out with somebody.
  • Write down a little list of values and good points of your family members.It could be small so that you can put it in your wallet and take with you wherever you go. When you feel like talking back, take it out and just read it a couple of times.


  • If somebody in your family is abusing you, physically, mentally or sexually, don’t be afraid to tell. Reporting abuse is NOT disrespect.

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