waa suda lama..

today is 28 of November..quite a while since my last update to this blog…i’m so obsessed updating my family blog that i forget to update this one…kesian blog nih…

what’s new?

1) i got a phone call from lindot…my pet sis during uitm (itm) lendu days…hello sis..i’ve read your blog ” http://genx76.blogspot.com“, this and this .. nice stories you have there…but yang paling terharu..you showed to the world my special hand made greeting card..damn..the cartoon i drawed for you was done at one night during my confused hours.. i still cherish our friendship during those days where me, you, elly, anoi, hatta and flinstone are closed friends and each of us sharing our problems either about family or life..i missed that time that even today i’m still listening to “honesty” song by stryper…tribute to you all…

2) as a half humble and half barbaric staff of government, i was surprised when i was rewarded “Anugerah perkhidmatan Cemerlang Anggota Perkhidmatan Awam” for the year 2006 by my department in the month of May 2007…not bad huh?

3) during last 8 months of my life, i was too disturbed to the scenarios of my country and my race…which i confused whether our today’s system is the right one or i just saw too much flaws in it…god bless our country and the king…

4) myself getting wider and my weight already reached 73kg…quite contrast during my year of 25 when my weight is just 52kg!!! the problem is although my body gets wider, my height is not…tried hard to get thinner but each time i’m tried, i’m just getting fatter..i’m now closing to chubby and that’s remind me to elly…hai elly 🙂

5) and of course, days to days i’m getting wiser..


4 Responses to “waa suda lama..”

  1. huuhuu..i’m honoured thee..hee.. 🙂 well bro u do look a bit larger than b4, tak pe asal sihat…sama lah kita.. (resolution : jgn bagi anoi kutuk kite) keep in touch ok?

  2. hehehe..well sis, anoi won’t dare to bother us..dia pun tak lame lagi sihat la tuu..

  3. woohooo welcome to the club abang gumok! hee hee hee just teasing u!
    By the way, do not worry about getting chubbier…. it makes us cuter than the rest of the people! :-p
    P/s: tak boleh lupa during the days when you were so skinny in ITM days.. asyik semput lak tu!

  4. hai sis…reallylah…sejak aku kahwin.., bertambah-tambah gemuk aku ni…bila nengok gambar aku ngan anoi lepas main tennis dulu, memang skinny betul..tak pe nanti kita bukak kelab Pooh…hehe

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