happy birthday odee..

today is my birthday…i am 34 years old…syukur kepada Allah for his blessing, in this age, i already have a lovely wife with two cute, handsome and bright kids, a home with complete furnitures and appliances, a car and.. a secure job… no matter what people did perception on me, my life will always go on and getting better from days to days…

looking back during my darkest days, when i was 21 – 27 years old…i was a guy who belasah anything i wished to do..without thinking what going to happen for my future…i’m so lost in my life that i forgot that allah adalah maha pengampun dan maha penyayang… terima kasih tuhanku atas rahmatmu memberi sinar dan panduan untuk kehidupan ku..

One thing for sure..i was, i am still the person behind my mother whenever thing goes wrong…


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