love, money…

love and money which do we prefer?

when talks about love…, heart broken, crushed, feeling and hurts, commitments, loyal, caring, sympathy, sex, listening to love songs, and makes life meaningful to some & ruin others..before my marriage, i did have my relation with others..i am such a f**ng loyal empathic guy who will always said ‘i do’..true..there was an event when i took somebody else daughter, listen to her f**ng stories about her ruined family, rent a house to create safer environment, gave her happiness…what i got in return…only some smacks on my head by his family members in front of confused neighbours..damn..i know i was deserved but that’s because of my so called “angel blessed from heaven to rescue the innocent” things…how pathetic…believe me no matter how much we proud on our “i’m together with her for 5 years already” relationship..the real ending of a relation is marriage…that really be my turning point of my life… well, love = marriage…

money? a financially stable couple lives happier… is it true? my point of view in certain extend is yes…we don’t need to be rich to gain financial stable..but what we need is a great effort of sharing between ‘he’ and ‘her’…in government financial we called it as ” kumpulan wang disatukan “..don’t be to selfish to create a border between two by saying that my salary is mine and yours is yours…what’s the purpose of marriage anyway? it’s not just a matter of legalized sex relation..

but…money can be troublesome by people or family members who worship it..who judge money as the thing to show or to prove love… as an example, this couple put a lot effort to show love to others…always be there whenever thing goes wrong, always there to comfort but less money to be pampered..they are nothing compare to another couple who rich and have money to throw… i called this type of people as “org tak cukup kasih sayang”…pity them…bring along your money to your graveyard…

please, cherish the love and share your wealth with your partner..


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